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the Best of What We Have to Offer

The Bistro

From the outside it might look like a typical cafe, but after you enter and smell the aroma of the homemade breads or try some financiers, you’ll understand the difference. We always have excellent hot beverages and great wines, but the most important part is the friendly atmosphere and the food. 


Bistrô das Meninas is the starting point for great friendships and encounters.

The orchids, books and soft music and the inebriating aromas of the fine cuisine create our atmosphere: discreet, yet lively.


The menu consists of soups, quiches and sandwiches with salad, trout (the local fish), as well as our dried beef risotto and our classic steak tartare. Beverages include imported wines (also by the glass), special beers, juices, and spirits.

Our delicacies are produced by us in-house. Everything is made in the bistro’s kitchen with fresh, select ingredients, respecting traditional recipes and the highest standards of cleanliness, always aiming at quality.

Pursuing the spirit of the French bistros, our experience offers you a mixture of regional and country cuisine with the tradition of Parisian flavors.



Bread, a millenary food – essential to the culture and the table of Brazilians – is the apple of the eye of the Bistro! 

We use the highest quality, additive-free white, wholegrain, rye and ancestral grain (such as spelt) flours.

Naturally, the water comes from a Mantiqueira Mountains spring, without chemicals.


The preparation of our breads involves natural fermentation (levain, sourdough, mother yeast) and high hydration.

Coming fresh out of our oven are baguettes, sweet and salty croissants, wholegrain breads, the traditional French brioche, black bread, focaccia, ciabatta, Italian bread and fougasse. In our bakery, not only will you find classics like the traditional baguette – whose recipe is the same throughout all of France, regulated by law – but you’ll also be pleasantly surprised by our own unique combinations with cranberries, curry, pumpkin seeds, black garlic and figs.

The Cafe

"Smell like bread Spirit "

Since 2004 the Bistro has been using Bravo Café, a 100% Arabica brand, a selection of the finest coffee beans from the plantations of the farms Santa Rita, in Espírito Santo do Pinhal; and Retiro da Cachoeira, in Cristais Paulistas – in the Alta Mogiana Region, considered exceptional for coffee bean cultivation. Enjoy this flavor in our espresso and cappuccino. Another exceptional supplier is Callebaut – a century-old Belgian chocolate company that is one of the world’s finest in its field, producing chocolate with cocoa beans from West Africa, South America and Asia. On our menu you’ll find this delicacy in both our traditional hot chocolate – in our Aztec and Latin versions – and our choconhaque (hot chocolate with cognac).


The Patisserie

Noemi’s passion for the art of confectionery was the main motivation for opening the Bistro. Here you’ll find a wide range of pastries, including financiers, pies, eclairs, puff pastries, tiramisu, cheesecake and tarte tatin. There’s always a fresh cake and dessert options to enjoy by the spoonful or alongside our housemade vanilla ice cream and delicious chocolate syrup.




In December 2004, the Alameda Bookstore (inside the Bistro) was inaugurated, as a further way of sharing the founders’ passions with their customers. When they were still newcomers to Visconde de Mauá, Renata and Noemi noticed the lack of initiatives focused on cultural life. So, taking inspiration from the French bookstore Shakespeare & Co, Renata began designing this project. Today, while you wait for your order, you can enjoy a judicious selection of the very best classics of literature, art and gastronomy with a mix of titles from the publishing companies Companhia das Letras, L&PM, 34 and Senac. Fritz Utzeri, Danusa Barbara, Patricia Travassos, Bruno Casotti and Marcelo Copello are just a few of the great names that have already launched their books here.

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